In every one of our Academies, we’ve seen how education transforms lives. Be inspired.

It would be a mistake to think of impoverished children as charity cases.  They are the world's hope and inspiration.  The investment and involvement of others empowers today's children to change their worlds.

Nigeria. As the first brick was laid for GII’s first school in Gwarzo, the empowerment began.  Bala Usman,  GII Board Member, purchased brick making brick making equipment, taught local men how to use it, paid them to make the bricks for the school and then gave them the equipment so they could continue their new business of brick making. The community got a school and the economy of the community was improved.


Ethiopia.   Because Global Influence Academies take a holistic approach to learning, academic gains aren't the only factors measured.  When Buruk* began attending GIA-Debre Bierhan, he weighed only 10kg (22 lbs).  Clearly malnourished, nutrition was part of his learning plan.  Within 6 months, he had doubled his weight.  With proper nutrition, students flourish.

(*Name changed for privacy)

The level of transformation of students is incredible. Small is indeed big.

Talargie Tafesse, Ethiopian Community Organizer & GII Board Member