School in a box

The possibilities are great and we are just beginning.

School in a Box is a longer term dream project of GII. The dream is to be able to ship a complete school anywhere in the world by utilizing custom shipping containers. Each 40-foot container would be completely set up as a school including all supplies and materials needed for a fully functional school. Creative use is currently being made of used shipping containers to make homes and other structures. But these commercial initiatives make all the modifications to the container after it arrives on site with normal doors, windows, new roofs, etc. The challenge here it make all the modifications ahead of time and ship the container in the complete state without being damaged. Minimal set-up would be needed on the receiving end and each new school would already have blackboards, desks, chairs, a mini-library and even solar-powered fans and lights. Possibly even projection or computer technology in limited amounts. The possibilities are great and we are just beginning to explore how quickly we might be able to set up schools in areas that have no educational presence at this time.

The level of transformation of students is incredible. Small is indeed big.

Talargie Tafesse, Ethiopian Community Organizer & GII Board Member