Tablet Project

GII's idea here is to provide education to remote areas.

In Ethiopia, many children have no access to education of any kind. Many spend their entire lives in the fields as shepherds watching their family flocks. Their villages have no public facilities and there are not enough children in the village to support a full school.

GII's idea here is to provide education to these remote areas by having a mobile teacher who visits each village (or even fields), teaches the children a lesson and provides the children with a ruggedized mobile device (tablet) that contains additional lessons. The children will use the tablets on battery power for a few days until the teacher returns, teaches another lesson and swaps out the tablets for new ones with fresh batteries and containing new and on-going lessons. These lessons can also be extended to adults within the village who have also not had access to education. Involving village leaders will also insure the security of the mobile devices being left behind.

We have begun testing for this initiative by using tablets in the existing Global Influence school projects. So far, the response from students and teachers has been very positive.

The level of transformation of students is incredible. Small is indeed big.

Talargie Tafesse, Ethiopian Community Organizer & GII Board Member