Global Influence Initiative exists to :


impoverished and marginalized children


families through life-sustaining assistance


entire communities with schools


our success throughout the world


Gwarzo, Nigeria

Gwarzo in the Hausa language means “hero.” In spite of tremendous poverty, you’ll find many little heroes dreaming big dreams here. 

Ethiopia Academy I

More than 200 students attend the growing Global Influence Academy here.  A key to their success is adapting to the community's needs and cultural context.

Jos, Nigeria

Jos’ pioneering Global Influence Academy models excellence by educating children and training teachers. See how a tiny classroom became a thriving campus.

Ethiopia Academy II

This Academy is truly the little school that could. This school's goal is to add a grade every year to meet the community’s tremendous need for schools. 

Special Projects

Tablet Project

GII is working to provide education to remote areas by having a mobile teacher who visits each village, teaches the children a lesson and provides the children with a ruggedized mobile device (tablet) that contains additional lessons. The teacher will return on a regular schedule.

School in a Box

Our dream is to ship a complete school anywhere in the world by utilizing custom shipping containers that BECOME the school once they arrive complete with all supplies and materials needed for a fully functional school.